Nimble and responsive

The Jeep® Cherokee features front and rear independent suspensions that provide outstanding on-road driving dynamics and a fun-to-drive experience. More than 60% of the Cherokee body structure is high-strength steel, which increases torsional stiffness to help provide a strong, lightweight and solid vehicle architecture. It all adds up to superb handling and an exceptionally quiet cabin.

High-tech components

All Cherokee models are equipped with frequency-sensitive damping shocks that automatically adjust to input from the road. For example, hard input from potholes will result in a stiffer damping rate. A speed-sensitive electronic power steering system helps improve efficiency and reduces road noise. The system automatically adjusts for limited effort during parking or increased steering effort on the road.

2.4L Tigershark® I4

The Jeep® Cherokee features a nine-speed automatic transmission that is mated to the 2.4L MultiAir® II Tigershark® I4 engine.

Three available systems for any occasion

The Jeep® Cherokee features leading capability with three innovative 4x4 systems. The Jeep® Active Drive II 4x4 available system with low-range is great for rock crawling and has a neutral mode for flat towing behind an RV. The single-speed Jeep® Active Drive I 4x4 system with brake traction control is ideal for those who want something easy-to-use with all-weather capability. The Best-in-Class rear axle disconnect+ feature only engages 4x4 when necessary for greatly improved fuel efficiency+. Cherokee Trailhawk® features its standard Trail Rated® Jeep® Active Drive Lock 4x4 system with 4-Low and a rear locker.

Selec-Terrain® traction control


Selec-Terrain® traction control

The Jeep® Cherokee offers legendary vehicle capability that matters where and when it counts: on any road, in any environment and even in challenging off-road conditions with the Trail Rated® Trailhawk®. Making things easier is the Selec-Terrain® traction control system which has up to five customisable settings: Auto, Snow, Sport, Sand/Mud and Rock. Auto is an overall 4x4 performance mode for any road or weather condition.

The Trail Rated®
Trailhawk®: expect
double takes
The Cherokee Trailhawk® has a solid, powerful look to it. The standard skid plates, one-inch suspension lift, all-season tyres, alloy wheels together with front and rear tow hooks that look great, but serve a higher purpose. All of the features tie back to being Trail Rated® – always ready for almost any weather or terrain.


Rear locker



With the push of a button, Trailhawk® can electronically lock both rear wheels together for outstanding traction at lower speeds.


56:1 crawl ratio



Going slow is the name of the game when off-roading+. The slower you go, the better control you’ll have when navigating up and over obstacles.


Standard skid plates



Similar to gladiators that use body armour when going into battle, Trailhawk® features skid plates to help protect its vital underbody components when off-roading+.

Selec-Speed® Control

Selec-Speed® Control is only available on Cherokee Trailhawk®. It's a great feature for off-roading and helps
you confidently drive up or down hills at controlled, steady speeds.


Up to 2,041 kg of towing capability+

Talk about versatility. The capable Jeep® Cherokee can tow up to 2,041 kg so you can tow all kinds of gear. If you need outstanding efficiency and maximum towing capability, look no further than Cherokee. And, if your Cherokee is equipped with Jeep® Active Drive II or Active Drive Lock, you can flat tow your vehicle behind an RV. Two great towing options. One great vehicle.

*Towing is available only via Towing Group option and Mopar® Accessory Kit.